If you don't receive emails from us or have problems sending emails to declan1@decplaypiano.com  - it is probably because your email program mistakenly thinks that our emails are 'spam'. If you find any emails from DecPlay in your spam folder, click on them and mark them as 'Not Spam'. If you try to send and email to declan1@decplaypiano.com and receive an error message, see if you can find an option to mark the email as 'not spam'.

If you struggle to get through on email, try sending a message in Facebook from https://www.facebook.com/decplaypiano (message button is on right under the top image).

Here is some more info that should help:-


Is my email in your spam folder? If so, mark the email as "not spam".
Whitelist my email address (also known as 'safelist' and 'allowlist')Show your email provider that you approve receiving emails from me by adding declan1@DecPlayPiano.com and support@decplay.freshdesk.com to your contacts or your 'whitelist' in your email service.