As you have joined the DecPlay course, you are entitled to join the Seniors Piano course on Facebook. This is a free community group reserved for DecPlay course students where you can post questions, get support and meet other students there. It's great fun and I would encourage you to join in and even think about posting up videos of your piano progress! 

How to join The Facebook Group:-

  1. click the 'join group' blue button beneath the main image at
  2. you will be sent confirmation once you are approved as a member (usually within a few hours) 

If you have difficulties joining the Facebook Piano Seniors Group :-

  1. Check you are logged into Facebook before you click the 'join group' button at  

  2. Try it from another device eg phone, tablet or computer?

  3. go to - select 'like' and the 'message' and send me a message saying "trying to join Facebook Group" and I should be able to complete the joining process from my end