Recommended Piano Keyboards and Preferred Keyboard Set Up

The video below explains my top tips for senior citizens when choosing their piano set up, including the best piano keyboards, seats, stands and pedals.



Wheelchair Accessible Piano Keyboard Stands

For wheelchair accessible piano keyboard stands, the fixed type (eg Roland KSC-70 shown in the video) are more suitable than X type stands. The Roland KSC-70 Stand (which fits the FP-30 Digital Piano) has approx 60cm of clearance below the keyboard and a depth of 20cm. For more clearance and depth - a 'table' type might be more effective such as Gravity KSTS01B Table Form Heavy Keyboard Stand (Height adjustable from 735 mm to 1155 mm and no depth limit).



My Favourite Keyboards

Yamaha Piaggero NP12 is my favourite low price keyboard, with the Yamaha NP-32 having more keys (76 instead of 61), louder speakers and its a bit more expensive, slightly bulkier and less battery life, but is great for home use. The Roland Go:Piano (GO-61P) has many of the benefits of the NP-12 and is a bit smaller.If you don't need maximum portability then the NP-32 is my favourite and if you have a bigger budget and will not move the keyboard often then a weighted keyboard like Roland FP30 or Yamaha P125 would be my favourite.

Here are some links to suppliers:- 

NP-12 Suppliers

NP-32 Suppliers

Roland FP-30

Yamaha P125