Increasing Motivation To Practice

Here are some tips to help increase your motivation to practice:-

  • choose a song that you would love to play - we learn faster when we enjoy the thing we are doing

  • set a routine of practice with a realistic goals (eg no. of mins to practice, say 4 days per week for 4 weeks etc....) and a penalty if you miss your target eg you don't get to do your favourite thing, until you have hit your practice goal. If you get into a routine, even a small amount of practice on a regular basis will get good progress and doing this for 4 weeks in a row, will help build a habit that is easier to stick to

  • choose someone who you can be answerable to that has an emotional significance - eg make a promise to someone who you won't want to let down / make a challenge with someone you want to beat etc... or make a bet that will be painful to lose -  I always find that having an external force helps  - this could be a playoff challenge  - decide to play a song for a special birthday / family occasion etc...