Regarding your 'Ring Finger' on your left hand, you are not alone in experiencing this issue,  its' actually quite common. It does take some practice and many people say that they find playing the 'Broken Chord' easier to master. In the first instance, I would be a little patient with yourself, you are asking your fingers to do something that they haven't done before and like any exercise they need to warm up and become familiar with the shape. However, you do say that you are managing to play the chords but that you're not keen on your finger 'sticking staright out'. The playing is the most important thing and your fingers will eventually relax over time and find their own position. However, you are playing and you sound like you are enjoying doing so and I can't see this presenting a problem to you as you progress.

Should you need any further help/tips regarding 'hands', contained with the Beginners Piano Master Class course in Week 1, 3rd heading : Extra Help Videos - this concentrates on the use of hands.