Do I Need to Use Numbers / Colours Stickers on My Piano Keyboard?

It is not necessary to use numbers or colours stickers on your keyboard, as DecPlay teaches you how to identify the note numbers by reference to the patterns of black keys. 

If you choose to use stickers on your keyboard, your initial progress is likely to be faster, but the advantage of learning to identify the key numbers without using stickers, is that you will learn to play on any keyboard or piano, not just your own.

  • Labelling the keys is optional, but is highly recommended as it will speed up your initial progress.
  • Ideally use stickers, but non-permanent markers (eg dry wipe / whiteboard marker) can be used instead, if they can be removed without leaving a mark, after a few weeks or months
  • Once you are familiar with the keyboard, you can remove the labels and identify the keys just by looking at them, which will enable you to play on any keyboard or piano, not just your own.

How to Number The Keyboard

  • You can use stickers or a non-permanent marker eg a whiteboard marker to write numbers on the keys
  • It is best to put the numbers between the black notes, so they don't get smudged when you play the white keys.

Examples of Stickers

Only use markers or stickers that can be easily removed so they don't damage your keys. If in doubt, do a test on a single key eg the key furthest left on the keyboard.

**DecPlay accepts no liability for damage to your keyboard **. 

Special care needs to be taken with ivory keys on an acoustic piano - if in doubt, speak to a musical instrument shop for guidance.