Setting Up The Camera 

  1. using a mobile phone or tablet camera is usually the easiest way
  2. try to get yourself and the keyboard in the same shot - usually having the camera a few feet away at shoulder height makes this easier
  3. anything that allows you to angle the camera and keeps it steady is fine
    here's a video explaining this:-
    - a dedicated stand is ideal (such as ) , but a willing partner is also ok if they can hold the camera fairly steady.


What to Include In The Video

  1. record short video clips eg 1 to 3 mins 
  2. speaking to the camera as well as playing is great - suggestions include:-
    1. introducing yourself eg first name / age / geographic region
    2. how long you have been on the DecPlay course
    3. how you are feeling about the learning process eg expectations  / doubts / breakthroughs or successes you have had so far
    4. any extra information that might inspire others would be great too eg challenges you have overcome / tips for others who are similar to you  


How To Share Your Videos

  1. If you are happy sharing any of the videos with other DecPlay students, post it at 
  2. If you are happy for DecPlay to include your video in student compilations designed to encourage other people to join the DecPlay community, email the video to  and put 'Video for Sharing' in the subject title. 
    Here are more details:-
    1. Info for iPhone and iPad users on sending large files by email 
    2. is a free service enabling large files to be sent from phone, tablets and computers - more info at