Videos dedicated to helping you with your left hand that are to be found in The Beginners Master Class, in week 1, 3rd heading : Extra Help Videos. If you have seen them, I would strongly suggest that  they could help  you.

It sounds like you don't have any problem playing the melody in your right hand. Therefore, I would suggest that you decide which chords are easier for you to play, the Block chord (playing all the notes together) or the Broken chord (the notes are played separately but in sequence). 
The key to bringing the hands together is to practice very very small sections of the song and repeat and repeat and repeat. Just try the the first chord change with your left hand only, chord 1 then chord 3, again and again and again until you cane make that chord change smoothly. You then introduce playing both hands by playing only that chord change 1 and 3 again and again until you can do it smoothly. When you can do this, you can introduce the next chord change from 3 to 4 in the same manner. You can then build up the song small section by small section, one chord change at a time.