Keeping Your Personal Facebook Account Private.

A Personal FB Account may be opened and all your settings set to 'Private' - people will not be able to see anything that is posted on your page without you giving them access by accepting them as a 'Friend'. 

People that you may know on Facebook are able to do a search on your name, similar to a Google search, if they think you might be on Facebook but as long as your setting is 'Private', they will not be able to access your page, if they succeed in finding you, without your permission. In addition, you can get random 'friend requests' from strangers but you can simply decline all of these requests. You are not obliged to post anything on your Facebook page therefore you can leave it blank and just use it as a means to facilitate your joining of the DecPlay Facebook group.

There is also a facility whereby you can make yourself "unsearchable" on FB - your name will not be brought up if someone should put in a random search.  The link for further information relating to this is below: