DecPlay is a groundbreaking new online course and community that makes learning piano easy, for thousands of beginners learning later in life (age 50 to 93+).

DecPlay is the ONLY method that

  1. is designed for learning piano later in life
  2. enables beginners to play piano easily and quickly (often playing your first song within 1 day - with both accompaniment and melody).

Other methods are restricted to:-

  • using traditional notation - which is slow and a barrier for many people
  • using 'copycat' methods - which don't build long term skills
  • playing by ear - which can take a long time to learn

DecPlay makes it:-

  1. easy to read music - with a simple numbers system instead of traditional sheet music
  2. easy to play songs - with 'playing patterns' (arthritis accessible)
  3. quick to make progress - from beginner to advanced